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Puppy Love

This might be puppy love or I might just be a rope slut. Rope binds my bendy arms and elbows to one another sending the most delicious rush of endorphins through my body and making me putty in your hands. Bands of tight jute rope bring me to my knees and I am yours. Its [...]

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Scent of Leather

I embrace my femme identity in black stockings, garters, waist cincher, and patent leather heels. I stand empowered on top of the world. I know myself. I know my body. I know you. I trust you. That makes it easier to hand over the key and submit to your tight [...]

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For the Love of Rope

Rope. Its a connector. It connects you & me. A conduit for your sexual desire & layers of complicated feelings of love, to flow through, to wrap around me, to grab me, to have your filthy way with me. I am your plaything and we will laugh and we will smile and we [...]

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