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Scent of Leather

I embrace my femme identity in black stockings, garters, waist cincher, and patent leather heels. I stand empowered on top of the world. I know myself. I know my body. I know you. I trust you. That makes it easier to hand over the key and submit to your tight [...]

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Photo: Madison/pre-QueerPornMafia

There is nothing like a pair of heels and lingerie to get me turned on and feeling sexy in front of the camera. My magical unicorn took these photos before the queer porn mafia got down and dirty with strap ons and fisting. But more on that later
Members: See it here
Guests: [...]

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Courtney Trouble in Heels

Courtney Trouble is one of the main figures in the queer and independent porn scene that is truly making a difference. I’ve always been a huge fan of her luscious photography that is dripping wet with eroticism and rich hues of reds and blues. Her art work embodies raw sex and so does [...]

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