Guest Gallery: Amber Rayne vs Madison, Round 2

Round 2 of this exciting match from Ultimate Surrender.

Madison finished this year ranked 11th, She is a multi-season veteran, and has been in the Summer Tournament before. She has amazing endurance and is surprisingly strong.

Amber Rayne is a past Feather Weight Champion and a multi-season veteran. She is fast and talented, her only downside being her size, at 105lbs. she is one of the smallest wrestlers on the roster. What she lacks in size she more then makes up in determination.

This was a well fought match, both opponents had the other in submission holds and other brutal locks. From leg scissors to reverse head locks, this match had everything in it. Madison was helpless to stop the finger fucking on many occasions. In the end the winner fucked the loser’s ASS with power and authority. The winner also advances to the next round of the tournament!

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