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NEW UPDATESAll the newest updates to MadisonBound. Check out Brand New High quality Bondage Sex pics and video sex diary updates every week featuring Madison Young and her real life sex playmates.
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Ariel Does Madison part 1


Making the hot hot love to Miss Ariel X. I could fuck this girl all day every day for the rest of my life and I promise you would never hear me complain. She is fucking amazing. Here is a hot clip from a video we did called Bride of Sin brought to you by Tied4Sex.com. More of Ariel X at www.Ariel X.com

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Diamonds are a Girls best friend


So they say that Diamonds are a girls best friend. I don't know that I agree but I sure do like shiny things. Or better yet putting shiny thngs over naughty bits.

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Behind the Scenes with ArielX and Madison Young


Here is some hot video footage and behind the scenes of me munch on Ariel X's fine pussy at Kelly Lind's place in LA. You can find more Ariel X at www.ArielX.com or on my new video Bride of Sin at www.Blowfish.com

2 files, last one added on Jan 28, 2007

Ariel X Bound


I love me some Ariel X. This you all know by now I'm sure. These photos really capture the heat between us and it was absolutely delicious to get my ropes around this girl. For more Ariel X you can visit her site at www.ArielX.com and or check us out in my upcoming video Bride of Sin out on Blowfish.com. Hot photos by Z. Mango.

43 files, last one added on Nov 01, 2006

Tail of a Bondage Model Trailer


Yeah. My second video release is now available for pre order. It's based on my real life memoirs and is full of hot bondage, hot sex, and my real life story so check it out. It is probably the most vulnerable video that I've ever done so if you are interested in finding out who the real Madison Young is you need to have this video. Check out the trailer and pick it up at www.Blowfish.com.

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Ariel does Madison part 2


More hot fucking with Ariel X. Watch me get it up the butt. Here is a hot clip from a video we did called Bride of Sin brought to you by Tied4Sex.com. More of Ariel X at www.Ariel X.com

1 files, last one added on Feb 07, 2007

Madison and Claire


I love Claire's rope around me. She knows just how I like it. Rough. She suspends me on bamboo, by my ankles and then in a single leg suspension while flogging and annoiting my flesh with hot wax. You can find more of Claire Adams at www.ClaireBondage.com and more of Claire and I on Bride of Sin available at Blowfish.com

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Madison Bound


Bound,Gagged and suspended by the beautiful Julie Simone's rope work I struggle.

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A writer and her rope


Suspended in a tight and difficult rope suspension I make love with my instrument of choice, my type writer, my Smith and Corona. I fuck her keys and lick the words off her page and claim them as my own.

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I love foot torture. Mistress Aiden Star doesn't know this though. I love being caned,slapped,paddled and more on my toes and feet. This hot video clip from Stuffed Spanked and Squirted has some hot foot worship and foot torture in it. Hope you enjoy.

1 files, last one added on Nov 03, 2006

Ariel X fucks Madison Young


I love to get down and dirty with hottie mc hottie Ariel X. It's probably one of my favorite things to do. And she is definetly one of my favorite people to do. Here are some hot photos taken by the excellent Z. Mango of us in San Francisco from my upcoming video Bride of Sin. Check it out at www.Blowfish.com and check more of Ariel X out at www.ArielX.com

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Julie Simone has me tangled in her beautiful rope bondage once again. Gagged and left to struggle on the ground, left leg pulled high toward the ceiling.

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Lori Mann is a brilliant pin up/glamour photographer that I had the honor of working with when I was in LA this summer and she took these super hot photos of me in bondage with electrical chords. Hot!

98 files, last one added on Nov 01, 2006

Hungry for Pussy - Ariel X and Madison Young


A totally hot 9 minutes of video of me munch away at Ariel X's pussy.
More Ariel X at www.ArielX.com

2 files, last one added on Jan 28, 2007

Posh - Ariel X and Madison Young


This past July I was in LA with Ariel X enduring a crazy heat wave. If it wasn't for the sweet taste of Ariel I couldn't have made it through this shoot with out melting. I was able to get my hands and my ropes all over the lovely Ariel X. This was my first time tying another girl on camera. I was a little nervous but Ariel made me feel a lot more comfortable with her delicate kiss. Photos by Kelly Lind. MUA Alex La Marsh and more of Ariel X can be found at www.ArielX.com.

35 files, last one added on Oct 21, 2006

Forgive me father


Bad girls have all the fun but it doesn't mean that they don't go to confession. Watch as I confess my sins to Father Claire Adams and I'm cleansed of my unholy ways in an inverted one leg suspension in which my head is dunked into a vat of holy water.

2 files, last one added on Jan 28, 2007

Living on the Edge


James Mogul ties me in his tight shibari style bondage on his roof top in Oakland. Tied to the edge of the building and left to contemplate my existance while tight rope bites at my flesh and the smell of latex wafts up into my nasal passages. You can find more of Mr. James Mogul's lovely shibari work at www.Nawashibari.com.

68 files, last one added on Oct 10, 2006

Blue Collar Girl


I admit it. I have a blue collar fetish. I fetishize white t shirts, blue jeans, callused finger tips,the feel of rope, the smell of steel and of course trucks. My daddy always said that a car will cost you money and a truck will make you money. During this summer's heat wave in LA, I spent a little quality time in Kelly Lind's truck getting down and dirty with one of my favorite g spot dildos. Hot photos by Kelly Lind and stunning Make up by Alex La Marsh.

39 files, last one added on Oct 10, 2006

Hardcore Bondage Sex PicsYour kinky girl next door all bound,spanked and cumming in these hardcore bondage sex pics. Featuring Madison Young and amazing rope artists,dominants, and sex playmates Julie Simone, Ariel X, Paige Richards, James Mogul, Bridgett Harrington, Midori,JD of Roperigger.com, Chanta Rose,Claire Adams,Selina Raven,Jewell Marceau, and much more..
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Breaking in the new paddle


Julie Simone has a brand spanking new paddle and needs a nice ass to break it in on. I happen to be that lucky ass. This paddle might not look like much but take it from a true pain slut this paddle is brutal. Check out the video clip below in my video section if you don't believe me. And check out www.juliesimone.com for more Julie Simone hottness.

57 files, last one added on May 04, 2006


P1010143 copy.JPG

This week I had the pleasure of going down to LA and
working with one of my favorite riggers and an amazing
lady, Julie Simone. Here are some hot photos that
Julie took of a great little suspension that we did
together. I have some video of this as well which
will be up on the site at some point. Hope you enjoy.

48 files, last one added on Aug 09, 2005

Stuffed Spanked and Squirted w/ Aiden Star and Julie Simone

possiblecover copy.jpg

The only thing better than one hot gal is two hot gals and the only thing hotter than two hot gals is three hot gals and the only thing hotter than three hot gals is for me to be in bondage while Mistress Aiden Star has me suck on her yummy toes while she spanks and punishes my feet. These are stills from an upcoming video Julie Simone production "Stuffed, Spanked Squirted " and there are many more photos where this came from so keep an eye out for more yumminess.

58 files, last one added on Jan 23, 2006

Enlightenment through orgasm - Madison and Jewell Marceau


So my first full length Madison Bound dvd was just shot this month, Bondage Boob Tube. Here are some stills from this feature that will be making its way out to dvd by the end of July. In this scene Jewell has just been zapped into a 1950's television show. The set is decorated with moi, the human lamp. Jewell is drawn into me and decides its time to shed a little light and a whole lot of orgasm on this town. There will be plenty of hot photos and video clips from Bondage Boob Tube coming up on Madison Bound.com so hope you enjoy.

58 files, last one added on Apr 30, 2006

Cooking in the Kitchen

100_4148 copy.JPG

I will admit that I'm not a very good cook, but I do love to get things hot and steaming in the kitchen. And nothing gets me hotter than a nice hard spanking. I hope that you find this experience as appetizing as I did.

50 files, last one added on Aug 30, 2005

Claire Makes me Wet


I'll let you in on a little secret. Claire Adams makes me very wet. She is a total hottie and bad ass bondage model and amazing sadistic dominant that knows just how to cause pleasure and pain to a woman in all the right places. This was my first time working with Claire and it was a wet a slippery water bondage set full of suspension, hair ties, orgasm, ejaculation,caning, and a water powered dildo. I hope you enjoy this set as much as I did.

41 files, last one added on Dec 30, 2005

Chanta Rose and Satine Phoenix - Horny Housewives


Chanta Rose and Satine Phoenix are two of the hottest housewives you will ever see. This sizzling photo set is taken from my upcoming Madison Bound Production "Bondage Boob Tube" in which you will watch as Chanta explores the pleasure of bondage with Satine - enwrapping her in her coils of hemp rope, slapping,spanking,face sitting,masturbation, orgasms and so much more. I hope you enjoy. For more Chanta Rose hottness go to www.chantasbitches.com and for more Satine Phoenix be sure to check out www.satinephoenix.com.

98 files, last one added on May 23, 2006


IMG_9738 copy.JPG

Dressed in nothing more than a garter belt, thigh
highs, and heels I find myself entangled in the
aromatic hold of beautifully arranged hemp rope that
bites and nibbles at my skin. I surrender to my
surroundings, balancing on one leg, sight removed and
fucked ever so gently by the sounds of the city that
permeate their way through the apartments windows,
catching me off guard and exhausting my efforts in a
search for balance. Rigged and photographed by James Mogul(www.nawashibari.com).

51 files, last one added on Feb 15, 2006

Chelsea Rooftop w/ Lochai

Madison285 copy.jpg

So I went to this fabulous art opening in NYC this September and I ran into Lochai, who is an amazing photographer and Shibari rigger and we got so excited by talking about rope that he tied me up right there at his opening and we made a point of meeting up the next day on this amazing rooftop in Chelsea where he took these fabulous photos of me in a strapado and a reverse prayer. It was hot and beautiful with sun beating down on us.

21 files, last one added on Sep 27, 2005

Outdoors with Dave Naz

DSC_0114 copy.jpg

Early this year on one of my many trips to LA I made time to meet up wit one of my favorite photographers - Dave Naz - who gave me a real treat of getting all tied up to a tree with hemp rope by the amazing Josef. Trees and rope are two of my favorite things so I totally loved this mini set.

11 files, last one added on Sep 27, 2005

The Abduction - The Suspense will keep you hanging - Part 2

IMG_9644 copy.JPG

After the leather straps come off, James brings out the rope and leaves me all tied up and hanging around the apartment. My life is so hard.
Rigging by James Mogul - www.nawashibari.com

50 files, last one added on Oct 19, 2005

My Secret Garden


Midori and I shot at this beautiful location in June. She saw this space and was anxious to tie me up and have my body strewn in the green grass.

66 files, last one added on Aug 05, 2006

Midori's doorway


Midori's ropes have had their way with me yet again. Cornering me in the doorway, bound and accersorized with bamboo, I linger in my web of hemp fibers enjoying the view of the garden.

25 files, last one added on Aug 25, 2006

The Abduction - Where Madison and James Intersect - Part 1

IMG_9437 copy.JPG

I was exhausted,worn and coming home from a long day at work. I just wanted to slip out of my work clothes and into something a little more comfortable. Little did I know that trouble was waiting behind the next door, stealing gazes, and preparing for the capturing of Madison Young with his own ideas of what he wanted to see me slip into.
Rigging by James Mogul - www.nawashibari.com

51 files, last one added on Oct 21, 2005

Sushi Set - Part Two

100_6989 copy.JPG

Yummy Yummy Yummy I have sushi on my tummy and all over my breasts,pussy and mouth. I hope you have a healthy appetite for a girl in bondage and covered in sushi because that is what we are serving this week. Enjoy.

50 files, last one added on Oct 26, 2005

A slip of elegance


Once again my good friend Julie Simone has me bound and tied for my pleasure. The soft silky white slip falls against my body as I lounge on a leopard fainting couch and get tangled in a web of Julie's masterful rope work that includes foot bondage,rope gag, and nipple bondage. I'm a very lucky girl.

57 files, last one added on Nov 04, 2005

Doctor Lorelei Lee is here to fix the rope slut


Big News everyone! Madison Young is giving birth.... to a big batch of rope. She has been getting frisky with every girl and boys rope collection and now she is birthing some rope of her own and hottie mc hottie Lorelei Lee MD is here to take care of Madison with a check up with her speculum, a good dose of girl juice squirted all over her naked body with a huge syringe, a proper orgasm, and she is even there for the birth of Madison's very own rope.

55 files, last one added on Jul 18, 2006

Stretched and Filled in Copenhagen


On my trip to Copenhagen last fall the good perverts of Fatal Photography and www.amateurslave.com took very good care of me treating me to hemp rope, nipple torture, and a pussy full of dildo. What else could a girl ask for?

41 files, last one added on Jun 06, 2006

What good girls eat - Ariel X & Madison Young


What do good girls eat? Well carrots and berries, bannanas and... pussy of course. Here are some hot photos of me and Ariel X chowing down on some of our favorite subjects. These photos are from an upcoming Madison Bound Production , "Bondage Babes Guide to Fitness".

92 files, last one added on Jul 10, 2006

Dancing with rope


It's always a great pleasure being in James Mogul's rope. He isn't afraid to bite his toothy hemp rope deep into my skin and watch me squirm in pleasure and pain. Thanks to www.nawashibari.com for the lovely rope work and photography. xoxo

46 files, last one added on Jun 29, 2006

Reins in Japan


Wearing a beautiful 70's ball gown I wonder into a coy pond in this Japanese garden. Wilting and waiting for someone or something to join me for a swim with the fishes. Beautiful bondage and photography by the lovely and amazing Midori.

31 files, last one added on Jul 18, 2006

Sheer Beauty

P1010053 copy.JPG

Julie Simone leaves sheer beauty whever there is rope and a girl who is anxious to be enwrapped in her spider like web. This set is a beautiful example.

51 files, last one added on Nov 09, 2005

Violetta Beauregarde

IMG_0100 copy.JPG

The very lovely and talented Miss Chanta Rose got her beautiful and delicate hands on me and tied me up in her new studio. She did both the rigging and photography for this set. She decided to use some creative lighting which is the inspiration for this sets title. You can check out more of Chanta and her workshops and rigging at

49 files, last one added on Nov 21, 2005

On Deck w/ Chanta

IMG_36 copy.JPG

Chanta got frisky with some rope and my naked self on her deck. Keeping me in balance and perfectly still by tying down my clit ring and leaving me on only one leg. I always do like a nice challenge.

27 files, last one added on Dec 08, 2005

Ecstacy in Rope - Madison and Claire


I totally adore Claire Adams. She is one of the most powerful rope tops and bottoms that I know. I love being in her rope, having her hands on me and being in her control. This is part 2 of a scene that Claire and I did in NYC. There weren't any stops through out this set for posing. This was just what happened. I felt like a little mouse in the clutches of a beautiful wild cat and I was anxious and begging to be devoured by her. There is also some great video footage of this that I'll have up on the site and that will be in my upcoming pornumentary "The Tail of a Bondage Model" which should be out by late August/early September. I hope you enjoy these photos as it was one of my favorite scenes ever.

90 files, last one added on Jun 20, 2006

The Art of shibari

DSC_8269 copy.JPG

The rope becomes a brush in which I am only a canvas, an extension of something greater than bondage. It runs through me, into and out of me, inky splotches on white paper. Pushing, pulling, stretched up to and including my limits.
Dedicated to Carolee Schneemann in homage to her piece
"Up to and Including her limits"

62 files, last one added on Dec 14, 2005

Not so innocent


Dressed in a Catholic school girl skirt and white button down shirt get all tied up on a little couch in Coppenhagen by the good people of Fatal Photography. Their ropes find their way around my breasts and in between my legs and they click away as I discover the crotch rope use as my new masturbatory toy.

45 files, last one added on Jan 06, 2006


Midori photos 058.jpg

Broken. She left me broken, fragmented into a thousand tiny pieces. My insides shattered pointed and jabbing through my flesh, sharp as shards of glass. She watched through broken windows, the ones she acted upon in moments of pint up frustration. She watched from a distance as I attempted to escape the thought of her, the taste of her that lingered on my lips when my belly grew hungry. Her scent embedded itself in my skin and I begged to slip gently out of my freckled flesh and into a body where she had never been. Bound and broken. Ropes pinning me to my own awkwardness, my own inescapable body that follows me around, that owns me, that strips me of wholesomeness and throws me into a shopping cart with the milk and eggs. I am sold and hollowed for her enjoyment and I will like it.

This was a beautiful and brilliant shoot in which I had the honor of working with Midori. The first of many great collaborations between the two of us I'm sure.

47 files, last one added on Feb 15, 2006

Hanging with Bridgett Harrington


I like a girl who knows how to play tough. And Bridgette Harrington definetly knows how to play. Bridgette puts me in a low to the ground suspension, toying with my position, tightening the ropes, making sure that I feel her presence and that I'll remember where those rope marks came from when I get up the next morning. For more of Bridgette be sure to visit www.ropelover.com.

69 files, last one added on Mar 06, 2006

From the outside looking in - Claire Adams and Madison Young - Part 1


Honest, genuine, beautiful bondage,pain, and pleasure. This is what happens when Claire Adams is handed 250 ft of rope to do as she will with me. This is what happens when this beauty has me all to herself to do with as she wants and we forget that the cameras are rolling. When connection is uninterupted. When posing ends and play begins. Slapping,choking,hair pulling, punching,caning,suspension and temptation looking me in the eyes. I was giddy as a school girl after this scene. She truly is amazing. For more on Claire Adams visit www.clairebondage.com. This is part one of a two part update. Lots more photos and video to come.

87 files, last one added on Mar 25, 2006

Sushi Set - Part One


I love sushi. Avocado maki to be more exact. This is part one of a two part set in which wearing a beautiful blue kimono I become part of yummy Japanese dinner, clamping my nipples and pussy with wooden chopsticks and rubber bands until they turn blue, bound to a dinner table as part of the place wear, yummy sushi set all over my body and a huge chunk of wasabi set on my mouth as a gag. Hope that this leaves as strong of a taste in your mouth as it did in mine.

50 files, last one added on Aug 01, 2005

Washer and Dryer


Doing laundry has always been a very erotic and meditative experience for me. Doing laundry gives me time to myself to read a good book, to work on my novel or sometimes its even enough time to get tied up. Watch as I do laundry, get tied and tangled in stockings, and tortured by water guns.

50 files, last one added on Aug 01, 2005

Suspension in the Kitchen - cooked up by JD

118_9128 copy.jpg

JD of Roperigger.com dropped by this week to help me
get cooking in the kitchen. He fixed me up one hot
suspension that was quite yummy. Bon appetite.

57 files, last one added on Sep 16, 2005



I always had a thing for girls who play soccer. I love the soccer socks and silky shorts and the hot sweatiness of their skin pressed up against mine. But it is awful fun when the gym monitor comes out to play too.

46 files, last one added on Oct 06, 2005

The Secretary


I totally loved the movie "The Secretary" and I used it as my concept for this set. I totally get off on self bondage and some of the best and hardest spankings that I've gotten are those that I've given myself. In this set you watch as I make spelling error after spelling error and decide that a little self inflicted spanking should be able to clear up my errors and set my head on straight.

40 files, last one added on Aug 01, 2005



Intimate Fetish PhotosLatex, stockings,corsets..photos of me and my sex playmates exploring all of our favorite fetishes. An intimate look into the Kinky Girl Next Door's sexual fetishes.
24 1243
Dirty Kitty Cat


I think this one must be ferral. Dressed in black latex gloves, latex stockings, and cuffs, I crawl around this dirty alley thinking of you - hungry and unfullfilled by empty promises and isolation I burry my kitty whiskers and sorrow in a bowl of soy milk.

50 files, last one added on Aug 01, 2005

Panty Hose Encasement


Encased in pantyhose from head to toe i'm bound in a back bend to the family's ottoman while the tv keeps on playing all night long.

47 files, last one added on Aug 01, 2005

What the girl looks like - an intimate gaze


I was recently talking with a friend from home and he had mentioned how sometimes when shuffling your way through website after web site you just want to see what the girl looks like. Forget the ropes, the props,etc. An intimate moment with the girl on the other side of the camera is all that is wanted. Well that's exactly what this is. An intimate gaze at the real Madison Young. Photography shot by the brilliant Geoff Cordner (www.geoffcordner.net and www.punkerotic.com)

39 files, last one added on Jan 31, 2006

Rubber Girlfriend

IMG_9813 copy.JPG

Paige Richards has got me bound and beaten and at her mercy in this hot new latex set. Photos taken by Steven Andres from a spicy video that Paige and I did for Bondcast.com entitled "My New Girlfriend".

35 files, last one added on Aug 23, 2005

Crotch Rope Girlfriend

IMG_9855 copy.JPG

One of my favorite rope ties has got to be the crotch rope. I love the sensation of rope grabbing on tight to my cunt. Add the hot and dominant Paige Richards and I'm goo. Watch as Paige tortures me with clothes pins. Photos by Steven Andres and taken from a video Paige and I did for Bondcast.com called "My New Girlfriend".

32 files, last one added on Aug 23, 2005

Lady in Red

100_3999 copy.JPG

I'm all shined up in my favorite red latex skirt and just waiting for someone to tie me up. Lucky girl that I am, I don't have to wait long before I'm bound yet again. Lesson of the week: It is better to be tied up than to be tied down.

50 files, last one added on Sep 06, 2005

A Cheerleader with a fire to put out


A cheerleader,lockers,a firehose, and a fire to put out. That's all I need to say. - Photos and rigging by Lochai - www.kirinawa.com

6 files, last one added on Sep 27, 2005

At the alter

IMG_3402 copy.jpg

Dressed to the nine in my new latex dress I bow at Bridgette Harrington's altar as she binds my willing flesh in decorative rope work and stuffs my mouth with my shiny black high heeled shoe. This is how I like to spend my xmas eve. Happy Holidays!

50 files, last one added on Dec 24, 2005

Blue Christmas without you

IMG_0028 copy.JPG

I grow cold with longing waiting for your return. It will be a blue blue Christmas with out you.

23 files, last one added on Dec 08, 2005

Spring time in New York


I do love New York City. I won't go near it in the winter time but after NYC thaws it's icy demeanor I love to be embraced by it's vibrancy and magical rooftops. I just got back from a long week of shoots in New York and have some beautiful images as reminders of my amazing adventures. This set was shot on a beautiful rooftop in the lower east side on a bright and sunny day last week. Vex Clothing (www.vexclothing.com) provided the beautiful and vibrant latex gloves for this set. Thanks to the photographer for a truly inspirational shoot.

115 files, last one added on Mar 17, 2006

Hot off the Grill


Here are some more amazing photos from my NYC trip. I saw this rusty dirty grill and knew that I had to get it into the image. The beautiful blue spats and gloves are from Vex Clothing - www.vexclothing.com.

80 files, last one added on Mar 20, 2006

Rope and Latex


Rope,Latex,and being tied in the kitchen. These are just a few of my favorite things all put together in one hot set. Hot latex gloves and stockings by Vex Clothing(www.vexclothing.com)

44 files, last one added on Apr 21, 2006

Some like it hot


On my most recent trip to LA I had the great pleasure of working with the wonderful artistic duo, Kelly Lind and Alex La Marsh. Many great photos resulted. The gown I'm wearing in this very hot set is a vintage dress handed down to me from my mother. Although I'm not in it for very long I do hope you like it. This is the first set that I did with Kelly. I wasn't sure whether or not wax play was what he was wanting but I just saw these beautiful candles in the corner getting hotter and hotter and I just had to have some of that warmth all to my self, all over myself and my naughty bits.

49 files, last one added on May 11, 2006

Lucious Latex


The only thing better than putting on my favorite latex dress is taking it off. Another totally hot set by Kelly Lind.

34 files, last one added on Jun 10, 2006

The Shower Scene


Last month I had the pleasure of working with Lori Mann for the the first time. I love her work and she is a totally great photographer to work with. In this photo set you get to see me all glammed up in the shower shaving my pussy and fucking myself with a gorgeous glass dildo. Enjoy. You can find more of Lori Mann at www.loriworld.com

82 files, last one added on Aug 16, 2006

Madison and Ariel X - Latex Love


There's no hiding it. I am in love with Ms Ariel X. She has the tastiest pussy I have ever known. The two of us met up in Kelly Lind's hot tub in the hot hot heat in LA this summer for one hot encounter. Photos by Kelly Lind and MUA by Alex LaMarsh. You can find more of Ariel at www.ArielX.com and in my upcoming video Bride of Sin.

29 files, last one added on Sep 08, 2006

More Latex Love


Hot pussy eating in the hot tub with my hard on of the moment Ms Ariel X. Yum Yum!

24 files, last one added on Sep 21, 2006

Diary of a Submissive - Mary Jane and Madison Young


Here are some hot photos of me and Mary Jane from the videod Diary of a Submissive. Spankings, sponge gags,bondage and foot worship. The newly released Diary of a Submissive video is now available at www.juliesimone.com. So totally go check it out.

53 files, last one added on May 30, 2006

Messy Girls with a mouth full of pussy


Ariel X and I are two bad girls. We have several things in common. We are really kinky, have the libido of teenage boys, love rope and love pussy. We also love to get really messy. In this photo set you get to watch as Ariel X and I smear each other in chocolate sauce, suck and bite at each others flesh, eat lots and lots of pussy until we are both cumming like there is no tomorrow. There is no fake lesbian shit here. We like to dive for the muff and it shows. You can find more of Ariel X at www.arielx.com. She is a wet dream cum true.

132 files, last one added on Aug 09, 2006

Making an entrance


Here are some hot dramatic glamour photos that Kelly Lind took of me at when I was in LA a couple months ago.

33 files, last one added on Sep 15, 2006

Breast Self Exam


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and to show my support I've put together a photo set of an Erotic Self Breast Exam. Make sure to try this on your girlfriend,wife,lover, or yourself. A good deal of my friends and aunts have had to deal with breast cancer just in the past year. Early detection is key when it comes to Breast Cancer. So reach out and touch someone. :) Here is a link to the 5 steps of a breast self exam.
I'd love to here your comments on this. Please spread the word on the Erotic Breast Self Exam. I will be making brochourse and door hangers for your showers with the images and steps as well.

50 files, last one added on Oct 11, 2006

Vintage furniture makes me wet


I love vintage furniture and it shows in this set in which Kelly Lind put me in this great vintage chair. Lots of beautiful leg shots in this set with me dawning my 6 inch heels, thigh highs and waist cincher.

46 files, last one added on May 22, 2006

Gatewood Girl


Last month I had the great pleasure of working with my buddy Mr Charles Gatewood. He shot some beautiful photos of me in my new latex, toe boots,toilet paper bondage, clothes pins, drool, public nudity,and the last couple photos are a tribute to Julie Simone's "25 pins".

92 files, last one added on Jul 27, 2006

Copper Corset


Once again I find myself in Julie Simone's dungeon in LA where she has me in the palm of her hand to do whatever she desires with. She curls my red hair, glamorizes and accessorizes me with lashes,make up, new stockings, a gorgeous copper corset, and she presents to me my first pair of 6 inch heels. I lounge and stretch on the leopard fainting couch in heated anticipation of what is about to come. You can expect hot hot video of me and Julie in Bondage Lovers soon to be available at www.juliesimone.com.

48 files, last one added on Feb 25, 2006

Video Sex DiariesSteamy video sex diaries from Madison Young's personal sex life.
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Diary of a Submissive


Bound by rope and gagged with a dirty sponge I'm made to scrub my Mistress Mary Jane's dirty dungeon floor. This is a sneak peak at Julie Simone's upcoming film due out in January so keep and eye out for it.

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Diary of a Submissive - Part 2


I do adore my Mistress Mary Jane and I would do anything for her. It is nothing but a great honor to pay worship to her beautiful feet. Watch as I comfort her hardened soul. This is another clip from my upcoming film Diary of a Submissive by Julie Simone. To be released Jan 2006.

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Diary of a Submissive - Part 3


In this third clip from Diary of a Submissive, Mistress Mary Jane applies clothes pins to my tongue, leaving me a drooling and humiliated mess. Enjoy my puddle of submission.

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Diary of a Submissive - Part 4


Mistress Mary Jane becomes enraged when she sees my unpolished toe nails. It sets her off into a Mommy Dearest fit of fury as she frantically paints my toe nails red."Red Red ALL TOE NAILS MUST BE PAINTED RED!"

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Diary of a Submissive -Part 5


Hands and feet bound with red bondage tape Mistress Mary Jane puts me over her luscious lap for a red hot spanking while I squirm around in pleasure with a big black ball gag stuffed in my mouth.

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Diary of a Submissive - Part 6


In this installment of Diary of a Submissive I'm ordered to clean Mistress Mary Janes latex pants clean with my tongue while bound in rope bondage on serving my Mistress on my knees. I don't complain in my open and hungry mouth's close proximity to my Mistress' delicious ass and long lasting legs. I will clean away for I have very dirty thoughts that won't let me be.

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Diary of a Submissive - Part 7


The cane is one of my favorite impliments. Mistress Mary Jane will not forget that. This woman swings a cane like she's out to play soft ball. I don't know that I've ever seen that technique used before, but it sure gets the point across.

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Lick -Boot worship with Julie Simone


Watch as Mistress Julie Simone has me lick her boots clean,sucking the heel of her boots spotless and clean as it inches its way deep into my throat.

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Foot Fucking with Julie Simone


Watch as Julie Simone fucks my pussy good and hard while I'm bound in a web of her rope. Yum!

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Spank me hard with Julie Simone


Julie Simone has just gotten a brand spankin' new paddle and she can't wait to test it out on my perfect ivory ass that just begging to have her hard wood slamming up against my fair flesh.

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Madison & Julie - It's time for my spanking


Julie Simone lays me across her knees for a nice hard spanking. Yum! I do love a nice firm hand.

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Madison Young and Jiz Lee - Fucking in the Kitchen


Jiz is one hottie that I was happy to have her hands all over me and inside of me and as many of you know the kitchen is my very spot to fuck. I do more fucking in my kitchen than cooking. And here is a little taste of the action that I get in my kitchen. The is a little taste of an upcoming Madison Bound Production "Tail of a Bondage Model" due out by September. Much more where this came from.

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Mouth fullof pussy - Ariel X and Madison Young

ariel and madison - mouth full of pussy.zip

I have had a huge crush on Ariel X from the very first time that I saw her web site. I couldn't get enough of her. I had to find out if she really was as hot and sexy in real life as she is on the web. So I invited her to be in one of my upcoming Madison Bound Productions, "Bondage Babes Guide to Fittness". This scene is messy and hot. Ariel and I get down and dirty in chocolate syrup and vegan sweets then really chow down on our favorite food - pussy. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did. BBGF is due to hit the stores this fall so keep an eye out for more hottness between me and Ariel. There is much more to come. You can check out more of Ariel at www.arielx.com.

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What's on the Bondage Boob Tube?


2 hot new video clips fromMadison Bound Productions first full length feature, Bondage Boob Tube. Hot bondage and orgasms with Jewell Marceau, Madison Young and Bridgett Harrington. You can order your copy of Bondage Boob Tube at www.blowfish.com. Enjoy.

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Tea Time w/ Chanta Rose and Satine Phoenix


Chanta loves to play rough and I love to watch. Take a look at these horny house wives getting wrapped up in bondage, orgasms,face smacking, and dominance/submission. You can see all of this scene and more in my newest feature Bondage Boob Tube available here http://videos4sale.com/store/7277 or at Blowfish.com

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James and Madison - caned to orgasm


James Mogul has me entangled in his ropes again. Legs spread open with bamboo spreader bars and ready to be fucked. James canes my breasts and thighs and brings me to the height of orgasm. Yummy.

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Behind the Scenes Footage of Diary of a Submissive


See some behind the scenes footage of Julie Simone's newest release, now available at www.juliesimone.com

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Playtime with Madison and Julie


Watch what happens when Julie Simone gets her hands and her her rope on me in this first installation of Playtime with Madison.

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The Eternal Orgasm

Eternal Orgasm - nawa.zip

Watch as I'm tied tight by James Mogul and brought to orgasm after orgasm until I finally collapse. Hot bondage and video work by James Mogul of www.nawashibari.com. You can find more of this hot scene in an upcoming Madison Bound Production, "The Tail of a Bondage Model" due out this September.

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Julie Simone and Madison Young - Play with me some more!


More hot video play time with my good friend, Julie Simone. xoxo Madison This is part of a compilation video "Bondage Lovers" that Julie is putting out, www.juiliesimone.com.

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Stuffed w/ Sweetness


This is a hot little video clip from Stuffed Spanked and Squirted in which Aiden Starr stuffs my mouth and pussy full of candy to prepare me for a pinata suspension. Enjoy the sweetness! Also two extra video clips including me getting tied up in rope in some lovely latex by Julie Simone and a trailer for Stuffed Spanked and Squirted. So check out all three of this weeks tripple wammy video clip updates

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Memoirs of a Rope SlutThe real life adventures of a rope slut and bondage model as she travels the world in search of hot sexual experiences. A peek into Madison Young's written memoirs soon to be published in 2007. A portion of Madison's memoirs can be found in the anthology Baby Remember My Name.
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chapter 1


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