Madison Young’s Madison Bound
Sexual Revolutionary and Indie Porn Pioneer
Changing the world one Orgasm at a Time

I‘m Madison Young, your kinky girl next door, award winning bdsm and fetish porn star,adult performer, director, published writer, artist and gallerist. I like rough queer sex and sharing my sexual explorations with you. Inside you will find women and men having real orgasms and something that is a rarity in porn – connection. For me art and porn are closely intertwined and I like to see the two come together here on my web site and in my art work.

For the past 8 years I’ve been participating in the documentation of authentic sexual culture both by sharing my sexuality with the camera and by picking up the camera myself and documenting honest sexual climaxes and explorations of those in my community. A community of queers, artists, kinksters, lifestyle fetishists, sex workers, activists, extroverts, sex nerds, exhibitionists, real couples, and lovers. This is my passion in life. To create space physically and on the web for the visual and intellectual dialogue of sex, art, kink, and gender expression. To create space free of shame and celebrating our bodies, our connections with lovers, our community and fellow sexual collaborators. Celebrating the ever changing fluctuation of our identities, our bodies, our sexual desires. Celebrating our animalistic sexual instincts and embracing our sexual selves with radical fearlessness.

I‘m a feminist. But I am one of the world’s kinkiest feminists. I like rough sex. severe rope bondage. intense sm. anal. dominance/submission. puppy play. I’m a queer but I love all bodies and people of all genders including cisgendered men. I love to deep throat and be fucked in the ass with a nice hard cock – whether it is strapped on or attached :) . I’m aggressive in my sex whether I’m on top or on bottom. I love art sex, psychological sex, being pushed to my limits, exploring my boundaries and being there as others explore theirs.

On my site you will find a community forming that has a positive view of sex and deeper sexual exploration. We advocate the sexiness of safer sex, communication, and sexual education.

With 5 updates every week, brings you the best in high quality productions that include delicious and deviant photo galleries, guest galleries, interviews with the performers, a behind the scenes look at the making of our films, educational videos that cover everything from oral sex and deep throating to anal play. And every friday we bring you a chemistry drenched orgasmic scene. Being a member also gets you a vip privilege of our monthly newsletter, prizes and member perks like limited edition erotic art work.

Become a member of the Madison Bound community! Get your membership and become an official art nerd with the girl who prefers to read books on radical activism and performance art over sitting with the cool kids. So what’s it going to be? The cool kids table or you and me making out behind a bookcase full of Rilke and Shakespeare?

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