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Madison & Daniel : Stills From Undone

The first in a series of amazing stills from my movie, Undone. These photos feature the lovely Daniel, who ravaged me with his hard cock and gave me plenty of real, authentic orgasms. Enjoy!

And once these photos get your blood boiling, watch or buy Undone.

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Who is this Site for?
This site is for you! This is site represents many aspects of both my sexuality and of couples who have shared their experiences with the camera for my films. There are many ways that you can use the site. You can either buy particular scenes you are interested, full feature dvds or a become a card carrying Madison Bound member with 24 hour access to all the content all the time. I'm a feminist. But I am one of the worlds kinkiest feminists. I like rough sex. severe rope bondage. intense sm. anal.ds. puppy play. I'm a queer but I also love all bodies and people of all genders including Cock. I love to deep throat and being fucked in the ass with a nice hard cock. I also love connecting with the person that I'm working with through touch or eye contact. I'm aggressive in my sex whether I'm on top or on bottom. I love art sex, psychological sex, being pushed to my limits, exploring my boundaries and being there as others explore theirs.
Madison Young's Madison Bound
Your Kinky Girl Next Door and Revolutionary Sexographer

Changing the world one Orgasm at a Time

I'm Madison Young, your kinky girl next door, award winning bdsm and fetish porn star,adult performer, director, published writer, artist and gallerist. I like rough queer sex and sharing my sexual explorations with you. Inside you will find women and men having real orgasms and something that is a rarity in porn - connection. For me art and porn are closely intertwined and I like to see the two come together here on my web site and in my art work.

On my site I will share with you hot weekly video updates, sex confessionals, video clips from my newest features, hot photos of me having sex with some of the most delicious people on the planet, breath taking bondage photography, find essays on porn and feminism, find out where I'm appearing next, workshops and panel discussions, candid photos of me out on the town with my friends, and lots of hot sex by people in our community.

Become a member of the Madison Young video and photo club! Get your membership card and become an official art nerd with the girl who perfers to read books on radical activism and performance art over sitting with the cool kids. So what's it going to be? The cool kids table or you and me making out behind a bookcase full of Rilke and Shakespeare?

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Support Sex, Art and Visibility by donating to Madison's art gallery, Femina Potens.
For the past eight years, Femina Potens has provided hundreds of art exhibits, spoken word events, multi-media programs, film screenings and educational work shops that reflect the experiences of women, transgendered, kink, and sex worker communities. Located in the heart of San Francisco, Femina Potens is the country's only queer public arts program. Support is needed to sustain these resources, promote visibility and foster the advancement of emerging, queer identified artists.


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