Hello. Welcome to Madisonbound I'm Madison Young and this is a little glimpse at who I am. Well to start things off I love rope. I grew up around rope my entire life. My family runs a tree care service in the midwest and I grew up working there in the summers and on the weekends. Even then I was being tied up and suspended from great heights, but not for bondage purposes. Rope smells like home. It smells like autumn leaves and trees and sex. The touch of rope against my flesh is enough to get me wet and dreamy eyed.

The first time I experienced rope in the context of bondage was on a shoot for I had decided that I would try it out and that it might help support me as an artist while I was getting my gallery up and running. I went in not knowing what to expect. Peter Atworth tied me up and tortured me well and I discovered that indeed I was flexible and indeed I did love pain. I connected with the rope. It became part of me and the pain became a beautiful electric current that tickled as it ran into and out of my body. I found immense pleasure in the freedom of bondage, the spaces that it allowed me to explore outside of my body. It was a spiritual and challenging experiment in which I was able to document and get paid for. Not a bad deal on my end. I got my fix from work and was very happy to find a profession that catered to my kinky side since none of my partners were into it. I worked exclusively with Hogtied for about a year and then started traveling to NYC to work with people like Viking at and to Seattle and PDX to work with Knotnice, House of Gord, and Nawashibari and found amazing doms such as Lydia Mclane and Betka Schpitz to treat me to their yummy and fierce domination. Then I started making my way down to LA for shoots and found wonderful people like Gwen Media, the amazing and talented Julie Simone, and Dave Naz. I've recently started making trips to Europe for shoots as well to work with people such as FetishEyes and AchtungFetish.

This kinky girl next door sprouted up from Ohio and I left as soon as I graduated. I studied art, theater and writing in college and moved to San Francisco where I now write smut,reviews on sex books and videos, and articles on hot queer things to do around the world for a couple different queer magazines. I spend a good deal of my time in aiports and airplanes flying off to shoots around the world to work with wonderful riggers and photographers.

When I'm not in front of the camera, I'm busy making art. I'm a visual artist, musician, and a writer. I show frequently at galleries and I'm working on my first novel on my experiences as a bondage model.I just recieved my first book deal on an anthology that I'm a contributing writer for and that I'm editing.

I live with my two kitty cats who I love very much. I run an art gallery and curate for art festivals and at other galleries. I'm a vegan who loves good music and queer community organizing. I love home decorating and watching animae. I'm a work a holic but I'm trying to allow more time to spend with my friends.


Books: Post Office by Charles Bukowski,The Fuck-Up by Arthur Nercessian, Savage Inequalities,anything by Rainer Maria Rilke, Diane Diprima, Michelle Tea ,Kerouac, Plath,Salinger,Carol Queen

Music: Deerhoof,Y-Pants,Radiohead,Modest Mouse,Postal Service, Death Cab for Cutie,Braid, Sarge,Make Believe,Johnny Cash,Patsy Cline,Sarah Goes Pop,The Tennis Coats,Half Seas Over, Violetta Beauregarde,Joan of Arc,Nico,Bevin Blectum,Velvet Underground,70's noise performance art bands

Food: Avocado and Mango Maki,tofuti ice cream, vegan turkey club sandwiches from Teany's on the lower east side,bagels from H&H in NYC,Pancakes and Biscuits and Gravy from the Globe in Seattle,Faux Southern Fried Chicken drumsticks,mashed potatoes, and mac n cheeze from Food Swings in Brooklyn

Film: Ponette, Bukowski:Born into this, Harold and Maude,When Harry Met Sally, High Art, The Secretary,The Professional

Artists: Carolee Schneemann, Annie Sprinkle, Rebecca Horn,Marnie Webber,Pipilotti Rist

Riggers: James Mogul,Viking,Emma Hui, Julie Simone,and Lochai

Bondage Models: Julie Simone,Allanah Rhodes,Kumi, andClaire Adams






Madison Young
Age: 25 years old
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5' 2"
Measurements: 32" 25" 31"

Bond Vue, "Temple of Tears"   Red Board, "Used and Abused"#2
Red Board, "Spanks for the Mammories", "Summer Heat"
Sex Positive Productions, "G- Marks the Spot" Working Girls, "Working Girlz"
SIN, "The Treatment" Gwen Media,"Purging Protocol"
Julie Simone, "The Diaries of a Submissive" Pink & White Promo Video
Comstock Films "Tina and Jen" "Naughty Dolls" - Slave Labor Productions
"Bound to Submit" - Bizarre Video Red Board, "Spread Eagle Spankings 2"
"Spanking Desires " - Bizarre Video  
Max Black - fine art bondage photography Chas Ray Krider - fine art bondage photographer
Rick Hall - fine art fetish photography Dave Naz - Fetish Photography
Charles Gatewood - Fetish Photography Michael Rosen - Fetish Photography
Lochai - Fetish Photography Steven Speliotis - Fetish Photography

Leg World October 2005

The Cover model and Centerfold of On Our Backs Magazine April/May 2004

Photos included in the Anniversary issue On Our Backs Magazine June/July 2004

Naughty Neighbors Magazine

Charles Gatewood's up coming books "Dirty Girls" and "Wet Dream" as well as exhibited photos shown in galleries

Photo works by Michael Rosen shown at The Center for Sex and Culture in October 2005

Baby Girl Bollenger - comic book released by Image Comics - Illustrated by Laurenn Mccubbin - released


“Two Knotty Boys Rope Bondage Tie Off” - Rope
Suspension Model/Judge 2004

The Vogue - Seattle,WA w/ James Mogul


Making Tit Prints w/ Annie Sprinkle on Sex TV 2003

Interview and footage of Water Bondage scenes for Bulls Eye UK Cable Station 2004

Interview for Out and About for MTV - 2005

Interviewed for QTV - 2005

Interviewed for French Documentary by the controversial sex worker activist Virginie Despentes and Merie Helene - 2005.

Master K Bridgette Harrington Paige White Chanta Rose
Jeff Gord Julie Simone Princess Kali Emma Hui
Viking Peter Atworth Betka Schpitz Kim Wilde
James Mogul Julie Heart Lydia Mclane Lochai
Ian Rath      
Paige Richards Rachel Paine Julie Simone Jennie Lee
Mary Jane Sasha Monet Star Allanah Rhodes
Veronika Lure Lydia Mclane Miss Conduct Kumi
Alsana Sin      

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