Photo: Judy and Emily: Leading a 5 finger Revolution

On a beautiful Autumn day in Berlin, I am a fly on the wall as two beautiful Parisian femme beauties unravel their silk and lace lingerie and intwine themselves in one another’s bodies. Soft and intimate with kisses and caresses, building to kinky crescendos with fisting, hands tightening around Emily’s delicate neck, five fingers stuffed into Judy’s wet red lips that drip drool onto her petite body, and orgasms bursting from Emily’s being at the most delicate grasp of her young flesh. Please welcome hot queer feminist Judy Minx and Emily for their MadisonBound debut. This is Emily’s first time sharing her intimate self sexually for an adult web site and we are so honored that she gave her cherry to us. This lovely woman chose her stage name based on one of her favorite writers, Emily Dickinson. All I can say is Sex Nerds Rock!

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