Rain DeGrey’s POV on Strap-On Play & Sexuality

In this all new installment of The Feminist Porn Network’s podcast, sex educator, porn performer, and model, Rain DeGrey, speaks with Madison Young on her love of strap-on play. Rain discusses how she first discovered her love for strap -ons as a teenager and gives us tips on how to find the right strap-on and cock for you and your partner. Rain has many upcoming performances and workshops on rope bondage and strap on play so make sure to check those out. Rain will be teaching a strap-on class with a live demo for Femina Potens Art Gallery at Mission Control on March 10th at 7pm as part of our Strap-Ons and Smut class so make sure to reserve tickets for those now at

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Porn Week at Evergreen University

Queer Porn performer, community organizer and student, Juliette March, sits down with Feminist Porn Network’s Madison Young to talk about the importance of queer porn visibility, academia, how to organize sex education workshops and lgbt events in your town, city or college as well as the upcoming Porn Week at Evergreen University which will be featuring such queer porn performers and directors as Courtney Trouble, Jiz Lee, James Darling, Mickey Mod, and Tina Horn. They will also be screening films by Shar Rednour (Healing Sex) and Madison Young ( Fluid 1: Women Redefining Sexuality and Heartland: A Woman’s POV).

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All Women Run Tattoo & Piercing Shop Opens in the Heartland

In this week’s podcast, tattoo artist Alana Robbie joins us on the Feminist Porn Network to discuss the recent expansion of Evolved piercing and tattoo shop in Columbus, Ohio. Their newest venue is an all women run tattoo and piercing shop which is a first of its kind for the heartland of Ohio. Alana discusses Evolves involvement in the Columbus community, events, culture and the importance of women run tattoo and piercing shops in a generally male dominated industry. Although NYC and San Francisco have had women run tattoo shops for years, its a rarity to find this kind of progressive business that values cultural significance and ritual of body modification as well as visibility of women artists with an emphasis on education, such as Evolved. I’m really excited about the growth of this company and so thrilled that Alana was able to interview with us today. You can see me getting tattooed at Evolved by the amazing Alana on Madison Young’s A Woman’s POV: Heartland and check out more information on Evolved Tattoo and Piercing on their web site at

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