"Making love is an art, Madison Young is the Picasso of porn." - Annie Sprinkle

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Well first off make sure to check out all of my Madison Bound Productions.  These are videos that I write, direct, produce and perform in.  They are very close to my heart and some of my best work I might say :).  So please check those out at Blowfish and all of my newest releases at Girlfriends Distibution


Madison Bound releases include: Bondage Boob Tube, Madison Young's Tail of a Bondage Model, Bride of Sin, Undone, Writers and Rockstars, Perversions of Lesbian Lust, Lesbian Life Real Sex San Francisco, Lesbian Life Layover and upcoming films Sylvia, Art House, Lesbian Life Real Sex NYC, and Perversion of Lesbian Lust Volume 2. 


Madison Bound Productions will be producing a new DVD every month, so watch out world.  This girl is changing the face of Feminism one orgasm at a time.























More Madison Bound Productions   coming soon...


Writers & Rockstars


Lesbian Life: Real Sex San Francisco


Bondage Boob Tube


Tail of a Bondage Model 





















Do you want Madison Young videos and you want them now?  Well check out my new Video on Demand theater at AEBN for all your kinky needs :) 

Most watched videos


























Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full


She Likes It Big 3


Face Fucking Inc. 4


Circa 82


See more Madison at AEBN.net
















Are you a Madison Young fiend?  You just can't get enough, can you?  Do you want to own every DVD that I've ever been in?  Click here for available dvds and let me know what you think.  I love to hear which DVDs are your favorites.





























Purging Protocol




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