"Madison Young is one of the most important feminist artists and pornographers working today." - Tristan Taormino


Check out these recent mentions I've received in the press!


"Porn's Wardrobe Malfunctions"

by Violet Blue at SFGate.com

"There was one thing the porn red carpets didn't count on this year: San Francisco's brat pack, tongues firmly in butch dyke and femme porn star cheeks (take that any way you wish.) Flaunting not just our San Francisco Values in the ballrooms and brunch lines, "Champion" star Syd Blakovich and feminist porn star/gallery owner Madison Young decided that yes, indeed the whole red carpet march was its own bit of performance art."


Madison Young at Inside the Porn Star's Studio

"Do not look at Madison Young as just a bondage and BDSM model. She is more than that. Don't think that Madison Young is just a redheaded porn star with an incredible body. Her mind is even more amazing. Actually, when you look at Madison Young it is hard to pinpoint how to categorize her. A self-proclaimed sex positive feminist, Madison Young took an unorthodox approach to raising money for a feminist art gallery. And now that she is breaking the stereotypes of what a typical porn star should be, Madison Young is not the next Annie Sprinkle or Nina Hartley. She is the first Madison Young."


Interview at SocialKink.com

"If women like Madison Young ran the industry, porn would be a very different animal. As a jack-of-all-trades, Madison's list of titles and credits is almost as long as her passion for the work she creates. From producing films for her studio, Madison Bound Productions, to curating exhibits for her non-profit gallery Femina Potens, Madison is a role model to anyone looking to succeed."


Interview at BindMe.nl


"20 Questions with Madison Young"

by JD Bauchery at HotMoviesForHer.com

"When porn meets art, both begin to take on a new form… and there is no one I’d rather have tie it up in rope and work it over more than Madison Young. Porno director, fetish star and queer art gallery director, the amazing Miss Young has her hands in everyone’s cookie jar, and shows no signs of slowing down."


"Porn Peeps Who Give Back"

by Essin' Em at SexualityHappens

"Madison Young uses some of the money she makes doing a variety of hot porn (queer, kink, and even some mainstream) to run a queer/feminst Artist Collective/Galley thing. Femina Potens to be exact.  What a creative way to give back."


NoFauxxx.com's Trouble Interviews Madison Young

by Courtney Trouble at Real Queer Porn

"Madison Young is a trifecta. Porn director, Fetish superstar, and owner of the Femina Potens feminist art gallery in San Francisco, Madison Young is constantly busy raising energy, awareness, and heart rates around the country. I sat down with her to pick her brain about making porn, running an art gallery, and “making waves in feminism one orgasm at a time.”"


"Madison Young assimilates AVN Red Carpet"

by Gram Ponante at Porn Valley Observed

"One of these things is not like the other - and that's OK."


"Layover Reviewed"

by Gram Ponante at Porn Valley Reviewed

"So, if you are a lesbian, next time your airline makes a mistake and strands you in the heartland, know that your lover will cheat on you with your daughter's girlfriend and get in a three-way with some randily progressive girls."


"Feminist Pornographers to Address UC Berkley Class"

by David Sullivan at AVN Business

"Directors Madison Young, Jackie Strano, Ian Sparks, and Shine Louise Houston will discuss the topic of queer feminist porn today (11/19/2008) at the University of California - Berkeley's Female Sexuality class."


"Madison Young Signs with Abigail Productions"

by Jared Rutter at AVN Business

"Madison Young, the popular red-haired fetish model, has signed on as a director with Abigail Productions, which picked up for distribution Lesbian Life: Real San Francisco Sex, her latest title from Madison Bound Productions."


"Madison Young Turns Your Guilty Masturbation Into Art"

by Gram Ponante at Porn Valley Observed

"You might think of Madison Young as a deadly serious redheaded San Francisco porn performer/director with an agenda. But she is actually from Loveland, Ohio.
"I pinned her down recently and asked her to submit to the patriarchal structure that is the western white male interview. But I learned something about myself as well."

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