"Making love is an art, Madison Young is the Picasso of porn." - Annie Sprinkle

Dear Madison...Fan Letters
Dear Madison... Fan Letters

Fan writes:


Hi,i watch your some movies,and i have a question,but you were the dental braces on bottom, you were the permanent braces? Thank you


Madison: Good eye!  Actually I don't have braces but I do have a permanent retainer on the back side of my front teeth.




Fan Writes:

just saw you on fucked and bound...wow water torture, can you tell me about that experience? Neways are you going to be on there again?


Madison Writes: Thank you.  I'm glad you liked the performance. Yes I have another scene due to go up on FuckedandBound.com that I did with Otto Baur.  Hope you enjoy.  Little trivia about the water torture scene that you watched.  At one point in the shoot a river leech attached itself to my cunt.




Fan writes:

Hey Madison,

I'm inspired by your "About me"..
We're the same age, but I've never been as comfortable about my own sexuality, and am still discovering new stuff about myself, while battling some repressive demons that've seeped into me since childhood.

So, thanks for your candid and confident description.

I guess as far as bondage stuff goes, I went to a rope bondage safety talk to try and hopefully meet some people, but felt very alienated from what seemed to be an already well-established scene/community.

Well, I don't know why I'm telling you all this.
I guess because I was taken by your description,  And I'm thinking, that's so true, I totally believe that, but why do I have this lingering brainwashing still in my head that lets me not apply those views to myself?

I think that's what a big part of the conservative/repressive/religious/etc upbringing is.. the way you perceive yourself in the eyes of others is built up over time with all these toxic notions, and to deconstruct it and turn it into something positive can be really hard without token markers of encouragement you occasionally come across in life.. So, thanks!
yup, that's it!


Madison writes:

It can definelty be a scary thing becoming open and comfortable with your sexuality. But it can be really fun too. Your exploration doesn't need to be as vast as mine, its all about baby steps. Finding out what you are really into, what you would like to learn more about and explore.

Tools I would suggest in relation to childhood demons are journaling, therapy, creating art around those demons. If you can acknowledge them and face them down and create art from the experience you're often able to purge a lot of them from yourself.

That's great that you went to a bondage safety workshop. Who was teaching? What kind of a workshop was it? Here in SF we have queer and women bdsm disscussion and workshop groups - The Exiles and Screw Up. I know there are several places in NYC as well that are female and queer focused maybe you should check them out and there will be some overlapping communities. It can totally feel difficult to break into a community that you are unfamilar but the bdsm community is very open and we really are a nice bunch of people. Perhaps try checking out some bdsm centered readings,performances, or social events. Sometimes workshops/classes and play parties are difficult to talk to people at. Often there are things called a Munch which is just a social event where bdsm groups hang out and meet and greet one another usually over food and drink. Also you can try meeting some people that you think you might be compatible with online just as friends and asking them about what groups and bdsm social events they recomend. That way you can go with a friend and they can introduce you to people. Also my dominant informed me that when he was being schooled by his Daddy(leather daddy) he had to go to bdsm events and just watch and not participate. That it was part of the process, getting out there, and learning who everyone is and the dynamic before ever participating. Also I would highly recomend doing some reading of leather culture and bdsm to become more informed.

I believe community is extremely important in destroying those toxic notions in our head. Learn your bdsm history, find a mentor, do some homework on available resources in your area and start checking it out. Bdsm is becoming more and more accepted by the mainstream just as queer culture is.
Take care and thank you for the intelligent and encouraging discourse. Its much more stimulating and exciting to hear from individuals like yourself than the average Joe pandering some ridiculous sexual comments.



Fan writes: I absolutely adore you. Every scene you do is absolutely breathtaking. The pretty face, the perfect body, the hard anal pounding and very important you always eat the cum(I don't know but there seems to be a nerve in the brain that goes haywire when a pretty chick swallows cum).
Thanks for so much pleasure.
I'm desperately looking for your new scenes. Nothing. Have you retired from porn? Please say no.....


Madison writes: Nope I'm still working away. I have two new videos of my own coming out both of which I'm getting pounded in the ass. You can by them starting next week at getgf. com. Also check out www. gamelink. com and adultdvdtalk. com to find all of my titles. I'm also in a new vivid alt movie called Circa 82 which should be coming out which is an all anal scene - check out behind the scenes at vividalt. com. And remember to copy and paste these urls as myspace wont link directly to them.



Fan writes: Hi Madison. How are you? I just wanted to tell you how much of an inspiration you've been to me the last few months since I found TTOO. Being a hip feminist, activist, smart, tomboy, type of girl I found it real hard when I discovered a year ago that I am very submissive but in denial. (since it is not acceptable in today's society and i used to view sub women as spineless doormats) After watching you and James interract, which to us was beautiful, I was able to change my perception and see how powerful it actually is how much courage it actually takes. And then after finding your profile on here and seeing everything else that you're into it just made my realization even clearer. You seem so good at what you do and I hope someday to be able to let go of my big ego and surrender to my sig o even half as much as you do. You rock girl! Keep doing what you do.
Lots of love



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