"Madison Young is quickly becoming an auteur to be reckoned with" - AVN Magazine

Madison Young's So Called Life
I'm a San Francisco based bondage/ fetish model, adult performer, artist, gallerist,activist,published writer,rope slut,queer, and feminist. I spend more time than I care to admit in airports although I am trying to put more space between me and the tsa. I've been running Femina Potens an lgbt art gallery and performance space for the past 5 years and I've been traveling the world (Seattle, NYC, Tampa, London, Denmark,Portland,Chicago,LA,San Diego,and more)getting tied up for the camera and in real life. I'm a total exhibitionist and I started doing porn for a couple of reasons 1. To make money to run my non profit art gallery 2. I'm a nympho and rope slut 3. I wanted to be part of a movement of sex positive feminists taking control of their sexuality on film. Some how documenting my sexual explorations always gave me some unbenounced permission to explore parts of my sexuality that I didn't feel comfortable exploring in the bed room. I love the camera. I always used to beg my partners to tape us having sex even before I got into the industry. 4. I believe that it is educational to document honest sexual exploration and experiences and I try to feed into that and put all of my sexual energy into a scene. When I'm not traveling the world getting tied up and/or fucked or running the gallery. I'm either running my own production company KinkNextDoor.com or I'm writing my book of memoirs of my experiences in the industry. If I get any down time I'm spending time with my cats or my partner Mister Mogul. I like to sit under a shady tree and read a good book or cuddle up on the couch and watch Japanese horror films with my love. I'm also very into nesting right now. I love hgtv probably because I'm never at home. And I don't own a tv so I only watch hgtv on planes. Kinda ironic. I love going to museums and parks, to galleries and out for drinks with friends. I'm originally from Ohio but I love San Francisco and consider it to be my home. I'm a vegan cat loving pussy loving queer who happens to be dating a bio man with rope skills. My life is just like that.
LIKES - These are some of my favorite people and things:

Books: Post Office by Charles Bukowski,The Fuck-Up by Arthur Nercessian, Savage Inequalities,anything by Rainer Maria Rilke, Diane Diprima, Michelle Tea ,Kerouac, Plath,Salinger,Carol Queen

Music: Deerhoof,Y-Pants,Radiohead,Modest Mouse,Postal Service, Death Cab for Cutie,Braid, Sarge,Make Believe,Johnny Cash,Patsy Cline,Sarah Goes Pop,The Tennis Coats,Half Seas Over, Violetta Beauregarde,Joan of Arc,Nico,Bevin Blectum,Velvet Underground,70's noise performance art bands

Food: Avocado and Mango Maki,tofuti ice cream, vegan turkey club sandwiches from Teany's on the lower east side,bagels from H&H in NYC,Pancakes and Biscuits and Gravy from the Globe in Seattle,Faux Southern Fried Chicken drumsticks,mashed potatoes, and mac n cheeze from Food Swings in Brooklyn

Film: Ponette, Bukowski:Born into this, Harold and Maude,When Harry Met Sally, High Art, The Secretary,The Professional,Flower & Snake, and The Jogger

Artists: Carolee Schneemann, Annie Sprinkle, Rebecca Horn, Marnie Webber,Trevor Brown,Pipilotti Rist and Amanda Coogan

Rope Artists: Midori, Claire Adams, James Mogul,Michael King,Emma Hui, Julie Simone,and Lochai 

Dommes: Chanta Rose,Claire Adams, Betka Schpitz,Seline Raven

Doms:James Mogul and Ian Rath


Bondage Models: Ariel X, Anastasia Pierce, Julie Simone,Allanah Rhodes,Kumi,and Claire Adams


Awards that I've won: Best SM Suspension Model  from Bishop Awards, Voted One of the Top Ten Hotties by Fleshbot, Voted One of the Top Ten Bondage Models in the world by Bondage Awards.com, Finalist in the Good Vibrations Erotic Film Festival for Writers and Rockstars, Awarded the Feminist Porn Award for my video Bondage Boob Tube.  

Madison Young



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