Interview w/ Motel Bazooka Magazine #8 - October 05 issue

 What made you get in to this business? 

Well I'm an artist and I do a lot of community organizing and I needed to find a job that would pay well and that would allow me the time I needed to work on community organizing and on my own art work.  I was always an exhibitionist and first time that I felt rope around me I melted.  I love bondage and I'm a pretty tough cookie so the bondage career just kinda worked.  My experience with booking artists and bands helped me to book bondage tours around the world and now I travel every month and work with some really amazing people like James Mogul of Nawashibari.com, Michael  King at Eroticknots.com, House of Gord, Dave Naz, Chas Ray Krider, and Julie Simone. 

 I really feel honored to work with such amazing people.  I've started my own bondage site now that is really exciting and that I'm having a lot of the aforementioned persons collaborate with me on, Madisonbound.com.  As an artist it is really nice to have that creative control in what I'm doing. 

 Could you give some pointers on how to practice your art? 

Hmmm..Some pointers.  Well I work with quite a few mediums.  I'm an experimental noise artist, a writer, and performance artist.  The one thing that all of these mediums share in common with bondage I would have to say is being able to let go.  You have to be able to let go of your fears of your inhibitions, anything that might be holding you back and let life and sensation pour through you, in and out of you.  You recognize sensation and sound and action and experience it's passing through your existence.  Art is that experience and what we stare at in a photo behind a frame is merely an artifact or residue that is left behind after we experience art.  Also knowing your medium whether it be rope and the capabilities of your body or a sampler, sound bites and sound board, and being able to play with your boundaries and with in and outside of that medium. 

Any weird stories in a MOTEL? 

Well I did work with Chas Ray Krider, who put out the book Motel Fetish when I was in Ohio last Christmas.  But his work isn't shot in Motels it is shot in his studio which has sets that are set up that look like different motel rooms.  People send him different crappy paintings and things that he uses that look like they come from cheesy motels.  His photography is amazing.  Other than that I haven't really shot in a motel.  I shot with James Mogul for Nawashibari.com in a really nice hotel in LA.  I got all tied up in some really beautiful Japanese bondage and brought to orgasm with a Hitatchi magic wand.  

If you were a donut . What kind of donut would you be? and why? 

Well I'm vegan so I guess I'd be a vegan donut.  Probably chocolate glazed with sprinkles.  

Does size matter, and why? 

Only the size of ones ego.  With this question I suppose your asking if the size of ones cock or dildo matters.  I would have to say no.  I don't need to be penetrated at all in order to orgasm. So as long as people know what they are doing outside the box or are skilled at fisting then nope, size doesn't matter.  

Brains or muscles,and why? 

Brains most definitely.  I can creme my panties talking about literature.  Muscles are gross.  I like scrawny small framed people for the most part. 7

 Who is your hero, and why? 

I have a couple people who I greatly admire there work and that I think are muses or heros that encourage me to keep on doing.  Emma Goldman is one of them.  Diane Diprima, Annie Sprinkle, Carol Queen, and Carolee Schneemann are a couple others.  

What will you never do, and why? 

I will never live a life that I'm not happy with.  I've seen too many people that I love live life out of obligation and create traps for themselves.  Life is too short and we really do need to live a life that we are content and pleased with. 

Favorite sex position, and why? 

I'm one for sex in alternative spaces.  The kitchen is probably my favorite place.  I love fisting.  I love to have my girlfriends fist inside of me and a Hitatchi Magic Wand on my cunt.  Also external and internal g spot stimulation. 

Playboy or Hustler, and why? 

Playboy.  It's a classic hot mag with great stories and an awesome history. 

Most embarrassing moment? I don't really embarrass very easily. 

Sexiest thing you have ever done? 

Well I think that would have to be a matter of opinion.  What is sexy to some people totally wouldn't be sexy to someone else.  I've had a lot of really amazing and sexy experiences that have taken me to peaks I didn't know existed.  It has been a really interesting and hot and sexy exploration of myself and I look forward to continuing the exploration. 


Well.. Now that Madisonbound.com has just launched I'm going to work on promoting the site and making it just the way I want it.  I'm off to New York for shoots in September, shooting in Europe this October, and going to perform at Kink in the Caribbean this November.  I have a couple major art works that I'm in the middle of working on.  I'm modeling as one of the main characters in a new comic that Image Comics is putting out by Laurenn Mccubbin.  I have my first book due out this Spring on AK Press and I should have my second book written and edited by December of this year.  There is always 10 different things that are major and happening at the same time in my life.  I like it that way." 













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