Eros Zine by Thomas Roche - October 2005

I first encountered Madison Young's infectious beauty and erotic sensibility through her performance in a sizzling erotic scene in Good Vibrations' G Marks the Spot. Little did I know that Madison Young isn't just an erotic performer -- she's a self-described "rope slut" who loves bondage, fetish and kink of many kinds. She took a few minutes from her busy schedule of getting tied up to chat with us about her modeling work as well as her other interests -- including music, queer activism, and performance art.

Eros Zine: How did you get into nude and erotic modeling?

Madison Young: I'm a total exhibitionist and love the camera. I found that nude and erotic modeling was a wonderful way to explore different sexual fetishes and at the same time have documentation of those experiences. Somehow the documenting of these experiences gave me the freedom to explore desires and fetishes that I have that I wouldn't have given myself permission to explore otherwise. Also, I'm an artist and run a gallery and I needed to have a job to support my artistic endeavors -- that in fact fed my artistic endeavors and didn't suck up a lot of my time, but paid well.

EZ: How about bondage modeling? You obviously have an affinity for bondage, quite evident in the photos on your site. Is bondage something you enjoy privately, too?

MY: I adore bondage. I'm a little rope slut. Bring out a bag of hemp rope and someone who knows how to use it and I'm one happy girl. I do primarily bondage and fetish modeling right now. Occasionally I will do some pin up modeling but I always end up trying to get myself all knotted up in my nightie or restricting my breath with a scarf or something. I've always brought elements of bondage and S&M into my private life, but I haven't really had any partners who are really into bondage. I always end up topping the bottoms into topping me. So I really enjoy getting all tied up by some of the best riggers out there.

EZ: Tell us about some of the video work you've done in addition to your modeling.

MY: I've done a whole lot of video. Recently Gwen Media released a bondage video that Julie Simone directed that I was in called Purging Protocol. I'm also in Bound to Submit with Anna Mills and Alsana Sin. I'm in several S&M videos put out by Red Board and Bon Vue. And I did a really great video directed by Julie Simone called The Diaries of a Submissive. I've also done a g spot education video with Carol Queen called G Marks the Spot and several other videos. There are also video clips of me on sites like Hogtied.com, Whippedass.com, Waterbondage.com, Nawashibari.com, BondageOrgasms.com, and of course on MadisonBound.com you can watch video clips of hot bondage scenes that I get myself into.

EZ: Some of your fetishes include water bondage, spanking, rope bondage, and latex. What is it about those things that's so exciting to you?

Well it is something different about each of those things that turns me on.
 I love water bondage partly do to the breath play element. When your breath is taken away it leaves you in this totally vulnerable state completely handed over to your dominant. You are no longer in control of even your own breath and yet you are totally in control. You are forced to connect with this person and to be in complete communication with your partner to let her or him know when you need air and you have to give that person your complete trust.
 There is also something very freeing about water and being submersed into it like being stuffed up into the birth canal and swimming around in amniotic fluid. It is also a really playful kind of BDSM play that reminds me of "Marco Polo" days of yore.
 Spanking for me has to do with warmth, heat, sensation, the touch of a hand to an ass, and just getting greedy about something. Spankings just make me want more and more and I usually end up blue assed and giving the person who was spanking me a really painfully red hand.
 Rope bondage is just heaven. At least when it is good rope bondage. I get pissed when I'm not tied good and tight. I grew up around rope -- working for my family's tree care service -- and so rope feels like home. It becomes part of who I am and frees me from my physical body allowing me to explore my sexuality on other levels.
 Latex is just like candy. I love the touch of a latex covered glove in my cunt and slipping into a latex skirt. I love the smell and the touch to my skin. Slipping my lubed hand into a tight latex glove recalls fisting a girl elbow deep. So yeah...latex gets me off.

One other fetish you mention is crying. Is it an emotional release, or is there more to it than that?

It actually isn't so much about the emotional release for me. It is more about the look of a girl when she is crying, tears swelling in her eyes and mascara running down her cheeks. I'm really attracted to people who can make themselves emotionally vulnerable and I think that emotional vulnerability is present when a girl cries. I've actually only cried three times ever on a set. Two of the times were on intense S&M scenes with intense flogging on my back with Enslaved.com and TwoBigMeanies.com. The other was a singletail whipping scene that I did with Lydia Mclane right after I had broken up with my girlfriend of over 2 years. I'm usually a pretty tough cookie and I really enjoy a good BDSM scene,so I don't cry very often. But I do like to watch other girls cry.

You're also a musician -- what kind of music do you play? What instrument?

I make experimental noise so I don't use any traditional instrument in any sort of traditional way. I do sometimes use my [Gibson] SG guitar and play it with alternative tuning, busted guitar strings, using vibrators, drumsticks, keys, and chopsticks on the strings. I also use an old sampler, hair dryer, alarm clock, cell phone, and skipping CDs. I also scream vocals into a mic and will eat cereal next to the mic and such.

Sounds interesting! You also write smut for magazines and material on queer activism. Of course, I'm particularly interested in the smut....who have you written for? What sort of material? Do you publish any of your favorite smut on your site for your fans to read?

I write regularly for On Our Backs Magazine, Girlfriends Magazine and have been published in Herbivore Magazine and Bitch Magazine. I also have erotic stories on TiedGirls.com and AmateurBound.com.
 I'm currently working on a book of my erotic writing based on my experiences as a bondage model for the last couple years entitled The Tail of a Bondage Model. I write mostly bondage and queer smut. I write a lot of short stories and then I'm working on the novel that I mentioned above. I have a journal on MadisonBound.com, so I will probably test drive some of my works on there.

Tell us more about your queer activism writing -- any projects in the works on that front?

I'm working on two anthologies right now. One is on women and transgendered activists and community organizers and is intended to i
nspire and guide other women and trans people to get active and start organizing in their communities. The first draft was compiled and sent to AK Press but a lot of changes need to be made and I think I'm getting a co-editor to help me out with the project. Also I'm working on a piece for a queer anthology that is dealing with art that is inspired by traumatic experiences or obstacles.

In addition to all that -- where do you find the time? -- you're a visual artist as well. What kind of media do you work in? How would you describe your art?

Good question. I have no idea how I find the time. I'm basically a workaholic and feel that I need to express myself in several different mediums and live all 12 of my lives at the same time. I'm trying to take it easy every once in a while and trying to not forget about my friends. My girlfriend and I just split due to my lack of available time for a relationship. It is really difficult. But I feel like I'm doing everything I need to be doing or working towards getting there at least.
 I'm a performance artist and I also create some installation works and video art works. My pieces involve things like tweezing my pubic hair in public spaces and being pinned to a mattress while wrapped in plastic wrap.

It all sounds very interesting -- and there's no doubt that you keep busy! Your fans can catch up to you at MadisonBound.com. Thanks for talking with us!














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