Madison Bound Review - Jaxon Jagonov 06'

 I've raved about her in my reviews of Knotnice.com, FetishNation.com and TwoBigMeanies, so when bondage model Madison Young ("everyone's favorite red headed rope slut") contacted me about reviewing her official site, I knew I was in for a treat. What I didn't know is that Madison is much more than a bondage model. Way more. Writer, musician, visual artist - she's a regular fucking renaissance pornstar. Don't worry though, her site is about porn and nothing but the porn. Follow the links to get to her other stuff. 

 What you get are around 2,000 photos of Madison, a handful of video clips, a journal and a yahoo group that doubles as message board for the site. There might not be that many photos, but what's here is good. You get to see Madison in many looks, some of them new to me. Sometimes she's a cute alt chick sporting nerdy glasses (pic #2). Other times she's butched out in a soccer uniform. Possibly best of all is a carefully shot black and white series intended as "an intimate gaze at the real Madison Young." Really nice set (pic #3). And then there's my favorite look: Madison glammed out with red lipstick, hair teased, naked except for a little black latex. Shit! (see pics #4, 5) Overall, the level of photography is quite good ? not amateurish, snapshot-type crap. Helped out by a cast of fellow fetish femmes like Julie Simone, Chanta Rose, Bridgett Harrington, the super hot Paige Richards and another one of my favorites, Claire Adams, we see Madison go through a nice range of ties and predicaments, including suspensions, outdoor scenes, nawa shibari bondage, rope bondage, water bondage, suspensions, catholic schoolgirl in bondage, a few spanking scenes, a few latex scenes, pantyhose, crotch ropes, etc. There's even an amusing "laundry bondage" scene where Madison is tied to a washer/dryer unit. Can't say I've ever seen that before. The ties get very tight, very strict, for real bondage Other stuff: Madison's journal is faithfully updated every few days, sometimes daily, sometimes a few times per day even. It's probably one of the best, most revealing journals I've ever seen on a porn model's site. Honestly, I felt like maybe I shouldn't be looking at it, it gets so personal at times. After reading her journal, you will get some serious insight into what makes this bondage queen tick. Interesting and entertaining reading. 












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