Madison Bound Review - Jaxon Jagonov 06'

 I've raved about her in my reviews of Knotnice.com, FetishNation.com and TwoBigMeanies, so when bondage model Madison Young ("everyone's favorite red headed rope slut") contacted me about reviewing her official site, I knew I was in for a treat. What I didn't know is that Madison is much more than a bondage model. Way more. Writer, musician, visual artist - she's a regular fucking renaissance pornstar. Don't worry though, her site is about porn and nothing but the porn. Follow the links to get to her other stuff. 
"What the girl looks like" Reviewed by a MB member
Language rarely proves wholly adequate when attempting to describe the visual, never moreso than when trying to describe that most ethereal, even surreal quality we title “beautiful”; such a simple word, yet one that carries with it a host of connotations, meanings, expectations that vary from one person to the next. To describe Madison Young as “beautiful” is much like describing the Atlantic Ocean as “wet”: 
Comment by Steve Indands
Steve Indands founder of the Austin Ropecraft Symposium, “I've long thought her to look even more beautiful in rope than virtually any other attractive woman I've ever seen.”
Jane's Guide Review
I have to admit that I've been a fan of innocently beautiful Madison Young since I first saw her on the Nawashibari website years ago. Since that first encounter I've seen her images on just about every worthwhile, artistic bondage site around. She's worked with the best when it comes to photographers and bondage riggers, so it's nice to find this official website
Review of Working Girlz by Lez Love Video
Real dykes having real, hard core, pussy pounding, power tool wielding, soaking wet, hair grabbing, ass smacking hot sex!  Hot bosses and horny employees get nasty on the job! Sexy, sassy, steamy, nasty, real dyke-on-dyke action!  Punk & horny starving artist Madison shows how hard she'll work when uptight artists' rep Aimee visits the studio. nipple torment, spanking, multiple orgasms!  

Sex Kittens 19(homegrownvideo.com)

" A series of very young, very cute would-be lesbians, testing each other's skills. There's some hot stuff here. Madison and Ginger are the sweetest little punk rock girls ever - Madison especially. She's a petite little red number with piercings all over the place. Her eyes roll back in her head, lost in bliss. " 

Interview w/ Motel Bazooka Magazine #8 - October 05 issue

 What made you get in to this business? 

Well I'm an artist and I do a lot of community organizing and I needed to find a job that would pay well and that would allow me the time I needed to work on community organizing and on my own art work.  I was always an exhibitionist and first time that I felt rope around me I melted.  I love bondage and I'm a pretty tough cookie so the bondage career just kinda worked.  My experience with booking artists and bands helped me to book bondage tours around the world and now I travel every month and work with some really amazing people like James Mogul of Nawashibari.com, Michael  King at Eroticknots.com, House of Gord, Dave Naz, Chas Ray Krider, and Julie Simone. 

Jaxonjaganov.com May 05' - Review for Knotnice

"Curvy, redhead Madison Young has got skin so pale that for some reason when she's naked she looks more naked than the average naked chick. It's weird. She's hot and she's got some great scenes - see her getting the fucking machine treatment while she's stuffed on her hands and knees in a cage that's barely big enough to hold her." 

AVN Review of "Purging Protocol" by Gwen Media

"Self-deprecating humor and a fun script keeps this light bondage effort entertaining, if not terribly hardcore or threatening. Mary Jane and Victoria Lane are mistresses bickering over personal styles. Lane is harsher, while Jane, according to Lane, maintains a Hello Kitty aesthetic. But as Jane hilariously points out, no one likes a bitchy mistress. The costumes rock, the rope ties are first rate, and the music by Jillian Ann is noticeably affective. Electric-colored full body latex suits don our mistresses, while Madison Young is a delightful sub in a latex French maid's outfit, swinging with ball gag from the ceiling. Paige Richards maintains creepy stillness as a human table with flowers. Director Julie Simone is great at creating interesting and humorous pictures with her girls. "

AVN Review of "Spanks for the Mammories" by Red Board

" "Great title, right? And it goes straight into it, with a pale blonde getting her tits beat until their red and swollen with broken capillaries. Same goes for her ass. Ever notice that it's the girls with tiny tits that like it rough? There's a redhead(Madison Young) in here that seems to especially get off on it. Good stuff; nice production, too. "

Fleshbot.com Review of Madisonbound.com - Aug 2005

"Meet Madison Young - For such an innocent looking girl next door type, Madison Young sure gets around: her bio lists appearances on over forty bondage and alt porn websites running the gamut from SuicideGirls to House of Gord; modeling duties for superstar fetish photographers like Dave Naz and Chas Ray Krider; and a host of video and print credits. And what does this redheaded hottie do when she’s not busy exploring her favorite fetishes (which include “water bondage, spanking, rope bondage, crying, and latex”) in front of the camera? Make art, write smut, and work on queer activism. So what’s not to love?

Eros Zine by Thomas Roche - October 2005

I first encountered Madison Young's infectious beauty and erotic sensibility through her performance in a sizzling erotic scene in Good Vibrations' G Marks the Spot. Little did I know that Madison Young isn't just an erotic performer -- she's a self-described "rope slut" who loves bondage, fetish and kink of many kinds. She took a few minutes from her busy schedule of getting tied up to chat with us about her modeling work as well as her other interests -- including music, queer activism, and performance art.

comment by Jaxon Jagonov
”When you look at as much smut as I do, it all gets to be a blur, but I try to point out new models who put on exceptionally hot shows and who are super cute. You definitely fit both! As an unofficial representative of internet voyeurs all over the world - thank you for the great job you do.” Jaxon Jagonov
Jaxonjaganov.com June 05' - Review for TwoBigMeanies

"I gotta say that in my book, what I really like the most about this site is redhead Madison Young. As far as I'm concerned, an S/M site can't go wrong if Madison is a featured model. Russell roughs her up in several tough scenes. In her first scene, Russell starts by flogging her until her pale skin is crisscrossed with red stripes and then proceeds to an extended pussy smacking sequence on her that will raise your eyebrows, to say the least. Madison Young is well on her way (if she's not already there) to becoming a 21st Century BDSM Queen. Can't get enough of her."













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