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Well first off make sure to check out all of my Madison Young Productions. These are videos that I write, direct, produce and perform in. They are very close to my heart and some of my best work I might say :)


Lesbian Life:
Real Sex NYC

Lesbian Life: Real Sex NYC

Features real queer sex, queer community, and queer culture. This is where hot lesbians meet in their own world and own life. Lesbian journalist, Madison Young, uncovers all the hottest spots in NYC for women to have sizzling sex. Madison's adventures lead her to vegan diners such as Food Swings, anarchist book stores such as Blue Stockings, burlesque performances and private yoga classes offered by queer community organizations. After a hard and fast week of documenting all the hot sex in the lesbian scene, Madison gets swept away by a fan in her favorite book store. Bonuses include interviews with Babeland co-founder Claire Cavanah and lesbian bike mechanic and activist at Times Up, Susan Lindell. Lesbian Life has put the sex back into travel. Featuring Madison Young, Axon, Panter, Jessie Lee, and Mischa Cunt. Along with newcomer real couples Jess and Nic as well as Ceci Dolores and Kenji Natori.

Madison Young's Art House Sluts

Madison Young's Art House Sluts

Young artist and visionary Maddie Superstar, played by Madison Young, has made her way out of the burbs into the wild clutches of San Francisco`s lesbian art and sex scene where boundaries are pushed, rough sex is had, and wet explosive orgasms are discovered by all. Follow Maddie Superstar from the rise and fall of her life as San Francisco`s It girl. From anal orgasms in a filthy taqueria bathroom to femmes battling for the spot light in a fierce cat fight cum fuck fest. Art films meld with hot sex scenes to create one of the most avante garde and visceral lesbian features of the decade.

Perversions of Lesbian Lust #1

Perversions of Lesbian Lust #1

Her lust was fanned by the sting of a whip. She needed the pain to orgasm. She was caught in Perversions of Lesbian Lust.

Madison Young lets us into her deepest perversions as she tells the story of her first kinky relationship. Dylan and Madison were like any other lesbian couple. They went off to work at 9am to their high power executive jobs and snuggled up to watch movies after dinner. But their Sunday mornings were a little different. Sunday mornings Dylan Ryan became the dominant lesbian Mistress of Madison Young's dreams. Madison would live to serve Ms. Ryan as she was fucked with lustful passion, made to crawl around on her hands and knees, clamped, caned, stuffed full of butt plug, punished, caged, and tortured with water, all in the name of lustful lesbian love. And "Thank you Ms. Ryan" are the only words to be uttered from Madison's quivering and hungry lips that thirst only for the sweet nectar of her Mistress.

Lesbian Life - Real Sex San Francisco

Lesbian Life - Real Sex San Francisco

Madison Young is a writer for a very hip lesbian magazine and her monthly article is your guide to what is the next "it" cafe or tattoo shop in San Francisco. Follow Madison on this hot lesbian adventure through San Francisco uncovering hot sex in bike shop with filthy mechanics, powerful orgasms in tattoo shops, public sex on romantic picnics, internet dating, intense chemistry, squirting and wet spots, all brought to you by an all lesbian cast and crew. This is the way women really fuck!

Layover (Abigail Productions)


Welcome to Lesbian Life: Layover, where you'll find the real queer women having real queer sex. When Mrs. Robinson hears that her wife has a "layover" in Denver and isn't coming home, she decides to go out on the prowl for young hot lesbian love. Her first nibble for the evening is with her daughter's boyishly charming friend, Jiz Lee, who she seduces in the kitchen and teaches a lesson in how to really please a woman. But Mrs. Robinson shouldn't linger on one youthful lover too long when there are parties to attend...key parties, where she finds herself in a double penetration threesome with socialite Penny Play and flower child newcomer Tina Horn. Seventies sex maven Sadie Lune engages the very sexy Anja in some steamy and very connected sex experimenting with blindfolds and power play. Meanwhile, Mrs. Robinson's daughter, Tee, gets into a handful of trouble with her real life girlfriend Pepper. The apple never falls far from the tree.

Writers and Rockstars

Writers & Rockstars

After dating hundreds of musicians, I've come to the conclusion that rockers play music the same way that they fuck. Some like to play hard and fast and some slow and soft. What kind of rocker are you? Young poetess Madison divulges her steamy sexual experiences with hot rock stars. Lots of hot boy/girl and girl/girl sex set to a killer soundtrack that will keep you hard, wet and ready to rock.

Bondage Boob Tube

Bondage Boob Tube

Bondage Boob Tube was named Hottest Kink Film at the Feminist Porn Awards, and it's easy to see why. It's a delightfully surreal and sexy flick that begins with Jewell Marceau watching a 1950s TV series and lamenting the utter lack of sex therein. Soon she's transported into the TV show, dressed in a period polka-dot dress, no less, where she finds out things aren't quite as straitlaced as they seem. For one thing, the lamp in the living room is actually Madison Young in bondage with a lampshade on her head, and Jewell does her best to turn that lamp on. When Bridgett Harrington, a native of the TV world, bursts in, she's appalled at the action, and she and Jewell have a spirited debate about whether bondage is more suited to function or fun. Meanwhile, Chanta Rose and Satine Phoenix get together for a polite social tea, which soon moves into the realm of rope bondage and vintage '50s underwear! Soon Satine is all tied up, and Chanta gets to work on her with a (thankfully anachronistic) vibrator. We return to Jewell and Madison, who've taken their fun outside, where Madison is pressed into service as a human clothesline, suspended sideways in a net of ropes. It's not long before the clothespins come out, of course. Madison is hit with a riding crop, doused with cold water, and generally abused for Jewell's amusement. But comeuppance always comes. Bridgett arrives and takes charge of Jewell, wrapping her in ropes and chastising her verbally and otherwise, at one point making her into a living watering can. By the end of the film, Madison is transformed into a human footstool, Jewell is made into a living TV stand-cum-drink holder, and all is right with the world. This is weird, whimsical, smart BDSM, highly recommended.

Tail of a Bondage Model

Tail of a Bondage Model

Tail of a Bondage Model is a an extraordinary film by, about, and starring Madison Young, the most luscious bondage model/actress in the business today. This is her story, the memoir of a professional fetish model trying to balance work and love, and it confronts some of the most difficult issues that trouble sex workers looking for meaningful romantic relationships. When you're naked and exposed for a living, faking intimacy for a camera, how do you find genuine intimacy at home? (It also features lots of hot sex and Shibari-style rope bondage, so that's a plus.)

The film begins with Madison having idyllic (and bondage-free, though there's hot wax involved) sex with her girlfriend Gauge. Home is just a temporary situation, though, because as a professional model, Madison spends most of her time on airplanes and buses traveling from one shoot to another, her life a jumble of changing time zones and long empty hours in strange places. The next scenes take place during a trip to New York, where she works with the gorgeous Claire Adams, who ties her up in a rope harness and treats her deliciously roughly. Back at home she comes into conflict with Gauge, who wants to spend more time together, and Madison's guilt is dramatized in a rather surreal scene where Gauge suspends jugs of water from Madison's clothespinned cunt, the water is several years' worth of Gauge's accumulated tears. Madison goes back to work, and we're treated to long lingering shots of her perfect body suspended in a rope harness and worked over with a vibrator. Finally we get an intense medical scene with Lorelei Lee as a sadistic nurse. There are clamps, forceps, a gag, and other nasty implements. Because this is a glimpse into a life story in progress, there's no neat resolution, no simple emotional wrap-up, just an acknowledgment of Madison's ongoing struggle to maintain balance in her complex life. The optional director's commentary offers even more insight.

Bride Of Sin

Bride of Sin, featuring bondage aficionado and redheaded beauty Madison Young, begins with a bachelorette party, where Ariel X offers to give Madison a striptease and a lap dance, complete with very strictly enforced no-touching rules. Of course, this rule applies only to Madison. Ariel feels free to touch her, grope her, slap her, sit her down on a dildo, and grind on her likewise bare lap. Eventually, a little foot worship and toe-sucking is permitted, and there's a fair bit of foot play. Next we get to witness an intimate moment post-wedding-rehearsal, with lusciously becorseted Madison and Ariel making out on a pew. If you like deep, hot girl-girl kissing, you're in luck, and if you like more, just wait around for a couple of minutes, because things heat up from there, with some strap-on sucking and fucking, including some extremely hot doggy-style anal. Madison turns the tables for our first real bondage, binding up Ariel with a rope harness and eating her out. Next comes some bride on bride action when Madison's betrothed Selina Raven decides to give her a workout before the ceremony with spanking, fucking, rope bondage, and a dunk in a toilet bowl. Then we have a "Confession" of a decidedly non-traditional sort, as Madison kneels before a priest in the form of Claire Adams and admits her transgressions. Naturally, penance must be done, in the form of strict bondage, upside-down suspension, water dunking, strap-on face fucking, and other humiliations, including being bound by ropes from a hanging cross and whipped. (There's a lot of religious iconography juxtaposed with the sex, actually.) Madison is always watchable, and she does some of her best work here.



Welcome to the party where your kinky girl next door has made it to the auction block. May we start the bidding? But before purchase is made we must test all of Madison's holes with a brutal anal fucking, strap on sex, blow job, cock worship, boot worship, pussy fucking and heavy corporal that includes spanking, flogging, whipping, and tit punishment. Lying naked and undone, covered in the expulsion of desire, in cum, in sweat, in marks and bruises, Madison Young becomes Undone.


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