I’m available for erotic art festivals, galleries, and museums.  I like to create new work around the theme of your show but below is a small list of descriptions from some of my past performances.



Performance Art


Erotic Breast Exams – Madison Young breaks out the candles, massage, oil, and feathers and shows you how to give yourself a breast exam and get in touch with your breasts erotic sensations at the same time.  


Juice – Madison Young invites the audience to partake of her erotic juices.  Wearing nothing but three strategically placed juicers that are secured with rope, the audience is encouraged to juice their oranges and slurp up Madison’s juice through their orange straws.


Soil - Based on the work of Carolee Schneemann’s Interior Scroll, Madison coats her body in the cool earth and pulls out a message from her cunt after energetic breathing and undulation with the audience.  


Pubic Display of Affection – With a video camera on Madison in the bathroom she rips open her stockings and begins to pluck her pubic hair one by one while audience members watch from a live feed into the gallery.  


Rope Bondage Suspension Performances


Ritual of a Dirty Girl - Madison kneels to an alter dives her hands into the rich cool earth and follows with cleansing her hands and face out of a large clear basin. Her cleansing ritual is disrupted as she is drug out of her world and into another.  She struggles as tight rope clenches around her suspending her from the ground.  The cold blade of a knife traces against her flesh as blood drips to the floor and Madison becomes undone. She surrenders to the rope.  As her arial dance of struggle comes to an end Madison is cut free and crawls to her pile of dirt and bowl of water where she will cleanse and return to her world of ritual. 


The Weight of the World - A pile of rocks sit in the center of the room along with a piece of chalk.  Madison enters and starts writing on the rocks.  Through out the evening she asks the audience members what is on their mind and writes the words on a rock.  Later in the evening she begins to gather the heavy rocks in buckets carrying them until they are too heavy.  A man with rope begins to tie up rocks around the room and then starts to tie rocks to Madison.  Madison refuses to let go of the many thoughts that fill her head.  She will not let go of the rocks.  She is suspended with the ropes and the rocks hang heavy from her body, more rocks are placed on her back.  She becomes overloaded with weight until she can’t take any more.  She breaks, cries and begs to let go of the heavy rocks.  


Hitchcock - Madison walks onto the stage in bra, heels and fishnets.  Bird like characters in black masquerade masks, feathers, and wearing all black swoop into the gallery.  The surround Madison bringing her to tears of fear and panic.  An executioner like character ties Madison to a pole and the birds swoop in to attack.  They carry black umbrellas that they open to shade the point of attack.  When the birds pull away Madison is left pierced with a needle and red feather.  Hitchcocks “The Birds” screenings an attack scene on the wall while Madison faces her fear.  Madison is freed from her bonds and succumbs to the birds as they attempt to befriend her and soothe her wounds with kisses.  





Readings from my works of erotica or my memoirs “Breath; The Sexual Evolution of Madison Young”